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, By Ash K

Liner Looks for Your Eye Color

It's no secret that we at Meloway are big proponents of a classic liquid liner look (shoutout to our Your Way Eyeliner) but we also love to switch things up once in a while. And with summer on the horizon and our personal color palettes in transition, we're embracing that change.

Whether it's a subtle swipe of gold or a bold, overdrawn emerald green cat eye, incorporating a colored eyeliner to your makeup look is an amazing way to refresh your beauty routine. It's also a trend that we seem to be seeing more and more of, and one of the reasons we've introduced our newest Meloway family member, the versatile Meloliner.

When it comes to colored liner, while there are hundreds of ways to diversify your look, there's also a way to ensure you're getting standout final results. As is true with mascara, choosing the right shade of gel liner will dictate just how much your eyes pop. Your eye color has its own specific color wheel and, in turn, its very own Meloliner match.

For Hazel & Brown Eyes

Most brown eyes have yellow and gold pigments in them and, fun fact, have a natural sparkle because of it. So, when it comes to your hazel and brown eyes, always go for gold. Try lining the outer and inner corners of your eyes with Champagne Gold Meloliner to brighten, and finish with a top lid swipe of black liquid liner and a generous coat of black mascara if you're really looking for that dramatic effect.

For Green Eyes

Because green is directly across from red on the color wheel, a colored liner with red and pink undertones is a surefire way to make your green eyes standout. Try lining your lid with a thick application of Sparkling Rosé Meloliner and replacing your usual black mascara for something with, you guessed it, a red hue. May we suggest our infamous Your Way Cherry Cola?

For Blue Eyes

When it comes to those baby blues, there are a variety of unique shades that allow for a bit more diversity with color matches. However, an overlying rule is that blue eyes always pair well with warm tones. To play up the coolness of the blue in your eyes, wing them with Milk Chocolate and finish the look with Your Way Cherry Cola (this might be one of our favorite pairings ever!).

It's always important to play around with makeup colors and looks to get an idea of what makes you happy and feel your best. And while the above are general rules of thumb, we highly encourage trying as many Meloliner looks as you can (and share them with us!). After all, the creativity that makeup allows is the reason we love it.

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