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Top Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Meloway cruelty-free?

    Yes! All of our products are cruelty-free. We never test our products on animals, nor do we sell our products in any country that requires animal testing.

  • Is Meloway vegan?

    Our products are vegan, and we verify with our vendors that the all ingredients and raw materials are derived from non-animal sources.

  • Are Meloway’s products safe and clean?

    All of our products are packed with quality ingredients and no harmful ones. None of our products contain parabens, artificial fragrances, masking agents, talc, phthalates, sulfates or other toxic ingredients.

  • Where are Meloway products made?

    All Meloway products are formulated, filled and assembled in USA. We source our components and ingredients from all over the world, but ALL our formulas are made in the USA.

  • How can I find out more about Meloway products?

    You can learn everything about our products on their individual product page. If you have any other unanswered questions, please email us at We promise no question is too weird!

  • I have sensitive skin. Can I use your products?

    While we make sure that all ingredients are “safe”, if you have specific concerns or have a history of issues with beauty products, take a look at the full ingredient list and consult your doctor before usage.

  • I wish Meloway made other products

    We are with you! We are always developing super cool products. If you have any suggestions for new products or shades, let us know at

  • When is the next product coming out?

    The best way to find out is join our email list or follow our Instagram!

  • I have other questions

    Please email us at, and we will do our best to answer all your questions!