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, By Ash K

Cherry Cola – The Subtle Standout

When we think of mascara, the first shade that pops into our heads is, naturally, black. From blackest black to midnight black, there is - without a doubt - a dominating shade in the lash game. At Meloway, we acknowledge the power of the classic black mascara, but we’re also big fans of shining the light on other shades that have, perhaps, been overlooked because they’re not considered the go-to. For bold, color-pop lashes we have our infamous Mint Crème Mascara, but we can’t forget the other member of our award winning Your Way Mascara family: Cherry Cola.

A super pigmented blend of brown tones and burgundy (yes, red!), Cherry Cola pairs well with blonde lashes for a subtle pop, and definitely makes blue eyes shine. But, it doesn’t discriminate; the unique color is a match for any eye color. The possibilities with Cherry Cola are pretty endless, if we do say so ourselves.

So, why choose a brown mascara when you can use a classic black? Here are a few of our top reasons to consider switching it up and being adventurous with your mascara choice.

Brown Mascara Creates a Softer, Subtle Look

If you’re all about simple, barely-there makeup, Cherry Cola will complete your look without going overboard. When paired with our best lash primer, the carefully curated Cherry Cola formula will elongate your lashes and open your eyes, with an all-natural finish -- especially if your bare lash color is brown or dark blonde.

It Works Well for Fair Skin

If your complexion is naturally fair, especially in the colder months, a too-dark mascara can work against you and wash you out. Cherry Cola adds the volume and color pop without the harshness of an extreme shade of black. A great winter alternative!

It Makes Blue and Green Eyes Pop

While we’ve formulated our Cherry Cola shade to pair well with all eye colors, it’s no secret that mascara with brown tones works wonders on blue and green eyes. The contrast truly does make eyes shine, so if you have lighter eyes and are a black mascara devotee, we highly suggest switching it up.

It’s always fun to branch out from the norm, even if it’s in the most subtle of ways. The unique formula and color of Your Way Cherry Cola makes it easy to make this standout shade a staple in your collection.

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