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, By Ash K

What's with This Orange Madness?

Yes we know. Your way mascara looks nothing like a mascara! You’re probably wondering where this neon orange madness came from.

In designing your way mascara, we drew inspiration from our childhood. Because our parents worked in the beauty industry, we grew up in a household where mascaras abounded instead of action figures and stuffed animals. The mascara was our toy and medium for our creativity, and our relationship with mascaras have always been fun and mildly flirtatious.

So, when it came to the packaging, a sleek, elegant design just didn’t sit well with us. It wasn’t us. Your way mascara is different, adventurous and bold. A dainty black tube did not represent our vision. And this is how we landed on neon orange. It is loud, rambunctious and out there. It felt like an appropriate summation of our mascara-ridden childhood, and made the statement that mascara is the highlight of your makeup routine.

So there you go—the story of the orange madness

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