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, By Ash K

Why You Need to Get with the Colored Eyeliner Trend

Colorful eyeliner is hot right now and there's a reason. While sometimes classic is the way to go, there are moments that we want a bold color to make eyes pop. Now's the time to add a some color into your eye makeup case by choosing the right colored eyeliners for you. Here's a look a the colored eyeliner trend and how to embrace it with style.

Gel eyeliner is the perfect way to get colorful

The thing we love about gel liners is that they're easy to work with and incredibly versatile. Whether you want a tight line, a soft smudge (on purpose), or to use your eyeliner as an eyeshadow, gels are the way to go.

Choosing your colored eyeliner

Select a colored eyeliner that has a super luxurious creamy formula to make sure there's no tugging when you apply it. You want to get a no-effort smooth line that perfectly offsets your gorgeous eyes. You also want to make sure the pencil liner is waterproof - the last thing you need is color where it doesn't belong. Finally, go for a long wear eyeliner so you can go through the day without worrying about your eye makeup.

The ABCs of applying colorful eyeliner

Start by lining along the upper and lower lash line to define your eyes. Then blend and smudge immediately (you want to get it before the formula sets in) for a smokey eye effect. Make sure to hit the inner corners of your eye as well! This will put the spotlight on your eyes and you'll be ready to flutter.

Choose colorful eyeliners with shimmery shades

Makeup artists love to add shimmer to the eye to give it a soft, sexy focus. Start with a brown or black eyeliner and then layer on metallic colors like rose gold and gold for beautiful light accent. For a deeper, more mysterious vibe go for a come-hither green shimmer.

Accent your eye color

Brown eyes? You're in luck - any color will make your eyes pop. Batting green eyes? Pair up a brown eyeliner and then layer on a sultry emerald green. Baby blue eyes? A navy eyeliner goes perfectly with a soft gold. Sporting hazel eyes? Go with a brown eyeliner and then layer on a rose gold.

Pair your gel liner with a liquid eyeliner

Nothing blends sexy and elegant like black and gold. For this you want to start with a liquid liner in the blackest of blacks. Make sure it's both a waterproof eyeliner and smudge-proof one. You want to get a precise line on the lash line. Now pair your dark liner with one of a gold shimmer gel liner, using it to create sparkles at the inner corners and brow bone.

Yes, your gel liner can replace eyeshadow

For the perfect smooth eye look, go with this makeup artist tip. Use your color eyeliner to glide the color over your lid and the smudge it for a soft all over cover.

Colored eyeliners are hot for a reason. They're versatile, easy-to-use, and can take you from understated to serving up glam realness.

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