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, By Ash K

The Season of the Eye

This holiday season is all about putting the emphasis on creating gorgeous eye looks

Bold lips, a swipe of glittering blush, hair that’s a little (or a lot) bigger than usual – these are what we most often associate with the holiday season. But this year, all of that is going into the background for the focus of holiday 2022, the perfectly done up eye. By keeping most of your makeup minimal putting the spotlight on your eyes, you’re telling a subtle narrative that will captivate your audience. To help you draw people in, here’s four delicious holiday eye looks, from almost there to boujee, that will help you glow up.

  1. 1.

    Sugar Plum Fairy

    Take a dose of inspiration from the Nutcracker Ballet this season by transforming into your own Sugar Plum Fairy (pas de deux not required). For a subtle glittery glam that will make everyone take notice, go with a soft pink gel liner with the right hint of shimmer. Apply the liner across your entire lid for a dash of sparkle. To make sure all the attention is on that sparkling realness, choose softer colors for the rest of your eye. Line along the upper and lower lash line with a rich chocolate gel liner and then polish off your lashes with a subtle burgundy brown. The perfect look if you’re feeling understated but want a bit of pop. Then sit back and sip the tea.

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  2. 2.

    Under the Mistletoe

    The holiday season isn’t complete with a dash of vibrant green, and your eyes are no exception. Embrace your ultra-sultry side by pairing up an elegant emerald gel liner with a velvety chocolate brown. Start off with your neutral shade along the lash line (top and bottom) and then layer on the color pop. And don’t leave your lashes out. One swipe of a rich emerald mascara will give you a hint of green, while doubling up will make your lashes stand out. Before you know it, your dance card will be full of people wanting to make some mistletoe magic with you.

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  3. 3.

    Ice Queen

    Nothing complements winter more than some cool shades of blue. Not only will you look mysterious, but it will brighten up the whites of your eyes (which doesn’t hurt if you’ve had one too many Proseccos). For the look that will be the envy of even a snow goddess, take a navy gel liner and start a line from the inner crease of your eye and another line starting from the tip of your outer crease that meet for a dramatic cat eye. Fill in touches of glitter and gilt with a gold liner at your brow bone for highlight, while hitting the inner corner of your eye for a touch a sparkle. Then polish it off with a deep midnight mascara on your lashes – one coat for barely there with a hint of blue, two for vibrant. Then get going for a high key night on the town.

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  4. 4.

    Black and Gold

    If you’re looking to go classic back with a touch of sizzle, black and gold will melt even the coolest customers. Line your upper and lower lash line with the blackest black liquid liners (wing optional, not required). You want to choose a liquid liner to give yourself the most precise, perfect line. Then take a shimmering gold gel liner and apply the across your entire lid for a dash of sparkle, smudging a little to soften it up. Make sure to hit the inner crease of your eye too! This look is all about the color duet, so keep it bold yet simple with a deep black mascara. Go for two coats to make sure your lashes are long, lustrous, and make a statement. You’ll be ready to serve up some runway realness.

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