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, By Ash K

The Eyeliner That Does Double Duty

There is an angst that exists around applying liquid eyeliner. Perfecting the meticulous swipe of a cat eye or equally balancing those statement lines can seem like a daunting task, even for the most seasoned makeup artist.

Though tricky, liquid liner also has the power to complete or completely transform a look. The dramatic flair it can add to your eyes is enough to justify the painstaking application process. But wouldn't it be nice to remove anything painstaking from your makeup routine?

At Meloway, we've heard so many stories over our years in the industry from customers needing to correct a liner error, only to smudge and create a mess in the process. Nothing great comes from the use of makeup remover or a Q-tip.

We decided we wanted to find a way to make liquid liner stress-free to apply. A way to easily correct liner mistakes, without making a mess in the process. Because the last thing any of us want when getting ready for the day or night out is any sort of added frustration. We've all been there. With all of that in mind, we set out to design a high-quality liquid eyeliner that gives our customers the option to easily make changes to any liquid liner look.

Meloway's revolutionary Your Way Eyeliner + Remover is a 2-in-1 black liner and eraser duo. Yes, we said eraser. With a simple swipe, any liquid liner mistake disappears without leaving any residue on your skin and allows for freedom when completing your look. We've worked tirelessly to ensure our eraser is effective, and our liquid liner is high quality and formulated to last. Our Your Way Eyeliner + Remover is the only one of its kind, and is both super pigmented and waterproof, too!

Here are a few of our Liquid Liner Mantras that we think we've made slightly more achievable with Your Way:

  1. 1.

    Mind the Gap

    Be cautious about the space between your upper lashes and your liner. A visible gap can leave an unfinished look. We suggest using the fine tip of Your Way liner pen to press into the roots of your lashes.

  2. 2.

    Stay Sharp

    When building up your liner wing, it's easy to over-do it and be left with a thick line. Try to maintain a sharp, pointed look to the end of your wing. We suggest lining the bottom of your wing with the Your Way eraser after liner application, to ensure a precise final look.

  3. 3.

    Don't Drop it Too Low…

    The job of a liner is to open up your eyes, but if your liner wing falls too low, you're going to be left with a droopy look. Make sure you're pulling your cat eye up; we suggest using your end lashes as a guide. And if it still falls too low, remember you can pop the cap off the Your Way Eraser Pen and simply start again.

The moral of the story? Whatever look you're trying to achieve with your liquid liner, having the freedom to make flawless edits makes the getting ready process that much sweeter. Your Way Eyeliner + Remover was specially designed to deliver that freedom.

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