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, By Ash K

The Bold and the Effortless

Society has a thing for the effortlessly chic. It’s an appreciation of those who look as though they’ve simply rolled out of bed completely put together (even though 99.9% of us don’t). The irony is that “no makeup” makeup takes as much thought as boldly dramatic looks. It’s all about product layering and precise brush strokes, to pull off an “I barely think about my makeup” attitude. And at the foundation (yep, that pun made it in here), an arsenal of products that you build on.

Here are some of our go-to tips when it comes to curating products that will leave you with a quick standout look that can be your endgame or your starting point:

Don’t Forget the Pop

For a striking eye that won’t take too much time, add some subtle color. No need to break out the palette, but a colored liner or mascara (Your Way Mascara in Mint Crème) is a quick apply that will give you the boldness you desire, with minimal effort.

Build Out a Capsule Cosmetic Bag

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage, but have you considered a capsule makeup collection? As obvious makeup lovers, we understand the stress here– but when it comes to your actual everyday products, encapsulate them into their own section on your vanity. Find those 4-6 go-to items that you can use every day and stick to them. Make sure they’re all products that can be used with one another and with an assortment of colors. We’re talking about a good foundation, concealer, mascara (hello Your Way Mascara) and eyeliner eraser (Your Way Liner + Remover).

Practice Quality Over Quantity

A good quality cosmetic is going to last longer throughout the day. It is as simple as that. When choosing products that will keep your makeup bold and intact for as long as you need, quality is key. We formulate all Meloway products with top-shelf ingredients and pigments, so you know your makeup isn’t going anywhere as you go about your day.

Just remember your core products are where all great makeup looks start. Have some fun, make sure there’s a note of you in there and you’ll be loving what you see to go into the world… or log into that Zoom meeting.

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