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, By Ash K

Poolside Prep with Meloway

At Meloway, we wouldn't necessarily call ourselves avid swimmers. Blame this on the fact that we live in a concrete jungle. But, because of this, while we don't necessarily love diving into the deep end, we appreciate being in the presence of a cold, refreshing swimming pool more than anyone who has never experienced a 90-degree day in Midtown Manhattan will understand.

Whether you plan on making waves in the pool this summer, or by lounging beside it and soaking up the sun, your choice of cosmetics is a big deal. And while taking a dip often demands little to no makeup, there's nothing wrong with putting a bit of a face on and wanting to look your best when poolside.

Before we preach about our two products that we think should be staples in your poolside prep routine, it should go without saying that before any cosmetic is applied to your face and before you go out in the sun, SPF is a must. Before you set yourself down on that lounge chair, make sure your face is both moisturized and covered with your favorite form of sun protection. SPF is your best friend in every season.

And now that we've done our due diligence in the field of sun safety, here are our favorite Meloway products that are not only easy to apply, but no-brainer additions to your final pool party look.

Our *NEW* Waterproof Meloliner

The key word here is waterproof, of course. Our newest line of sleek gel eyeliners comes in six versatile, super pigmented shades that will last through a day of sitting in the sun and jumping in the pool. Keep it subtle with a few swipes of understated Champagne Gold on your lids for a little summer glisten as you peek over your shades, or take it to the next level and try out Midnight Navy or Super-Black. Feels like a risky move, but we promise it won't be going anywhere until the party is over.

Our Your Way Eyeliner + Remover

A staple in our product line and a must-have in your poolside cosmetic case, if we do say so ourselves. There's nothing wrong with applying a little pre-pool liner, and our waterproof liquid eyeliner with revolutionary eraser for easy tweaking, goes on smooth and is incredibly long lasting. A fabulous way to make your eyes pop, especially if your pool day is more of an event, our non-irritating formula will literally last you from morning to night.

We might be reaching the end of July, but there's still plenty of summer and poolside lounges left in the season. Give our waterproof staples a try and let us know what looks you create. And, hey, if you have a pool and are open to having guests… feel free to run that by us as well. We'll bring the snacks.