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, By Ash K

Our Favorite 70’s Inspired Looks

The 1970s, man. When rock and roll reigned but disco was king, and a pair of stiff jeans and perfectly feathered hair were the epitome of cool.

There is nothing quite like the plethora of new and attention-grabbing trends the 70's, the "cool era", gifted us. From the women’s movement pushing for everything au-natural, to disco queens and punk aficionados rocking larger than life and never before seen looks, there's no lack of inspiration from the Seventies.

That being said, we do have a few favorite makeup trends that came to light back then and still make big waves today. And yes, there is a very good chance we are writing this with Abba's Greatest Hits playing in the background.

Mascara Movement

Fun fact: though invented in 1957, tube-and-wand mascara started gaining mass popularity in the early '70s. Beauty brands got playful with their mascara options because of the freedom the innovative packaging allowed, introducing new colors for consumers. By the early years of the decade, shades of blue, red, and pink started appearing on shelves alongside the staple black mascara.

Fifty years later, we're definitely thankful for the innovations the 70's made to the mascara game. And we still believe nothing says "out of sight" quite like a dramatic cat eye and a few swipes of turquoise (or Your Way in Mint Crème!) mascara.

Saturday Night Fever

Okay, let's talk about glitter. Like it or not, shimmer and glitter dominated the better part of the 1970's. These were, after all, the years spent under bright lights and disco balls, performing highly choreographed dance numbers in eye-catching outfits (we can and will only assume every disco looked exactly how they do in a John Travolta film).

To fully immerse oneself in the groove, the final look for a disco-inspired night out isn't complete without sparkle. Luckily, our Meloliner was made for this. While the options are pretty endless, our go-to when it comes to emulating the dancing queens of the past is to apply a full lid of Emerald Shimmer Meloliner and line your crease and under-eye with Champagne Gold. Simple, effective, and far out, if we do say so ourselves.

Grunge > Groove

Don't let all the sparkly disco talk fool you. There was another, equally prevalent style on the streets in the 70's. Rock and roll still ran a lot of the music scene, but the "grunge" look tied to the culture was heightened when punk rock added itself to the mix. Considered not only a musical genre but an entire movement in itself, punk shifted into the mainstream in the mid to late '70s and brought with it a loud, DIY aesthetic.

For men and women alike, punk was about anti-conformity. These ideals manifested in makeup that was meant to turn heads. Dramatic, overdrawn eyes and bold brows were something most hadn't seen before but have been around ever since. If you're feeling a little rebellious and want to pay homage to the early years of punk, our Eyeliner + Remover was designed to make creative freedom and statement-making easy.

From makeup trends to major changes in society and politics, the last word we'd use to describe the 1970's is "boring". We have a lot of love for an era that encompassed so much into a span of ten years and are all about keeping the styles alive.

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