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, By Ash K

Our Favorite 60’s Inspired Makeup

We've talked a lot about the resurgence of the '90s as of late, but one of the most interesting things about the time we're in is the fact that the current “style” actually seems to be made up of bits and pieces of all of our favorite eras gone by. While we're used to trends being cyclical, this could be the first time we've seen a multitude resurrect at once.

And we don't hate it. There's something fun about a 90's boyfriend jean with a '70s floral crop and Twiggy-inspired makeup, right? Without a set mold for style, individuality has become slightly more attainable in a world where independent thought is something that can, at times, feel rare.

The 1960's have echoed in everyday style for decades, from color blocking to big hair and miniskirts, but the 2020's have welcomed back every aspect in full swing. Psychedelic patterns, bright colors and, of course, statement –and we mean statement– eye makeup is what the 60's and 2022, apparently, are made of.

With all that in mind, here are just a few of our favorite 1960's looks that you can recreate with Meloway.

The Cher Double-Wing

A double-wing is pretty self-explanatory (we've talked before about how much we love using Your Way Eyeliner + Remover to create the look) but no one has ever pulled it off quite like Cher. To channel the Goddess of Pop, line both your top and bottom lash line with a thick dose of black liquid liner, winging both out and upwards without letting them to meet. Complete the look with a hefty dose of mascara. To really spice things up, use the mascara to separate your bottom lashes. Yes, allow them to physically clump together. Bold? Maybe. But the result is about as retro as it can get.

Blue Velvet

Nothing says Swingin' Sixties quite like an over-the-top blue eye shadow. Shades of blue, from baby to aqua, dominated the scene back then and are making a comeback now. If you're not ready to go all-out with that full lid-to-brow look, add a modern twist and incorporate some blue hues by building out a thick cat eye with Meloliner in Midnight Navy and finishing the look with Your Way Mascara in Mint Creme.

The Twiggy

AKA The Staple, thanks to the influence supermodel Twiggy had on her generation. The originator of lining the crease for a doe-eyed effect, she made this look an iconic one. It's a bonus that it's really easy to pull off. Start by layering on a black mascara (the thicker the better with this one) and thinly lining your top lid with Meloliner's Emerald Shimmer or Sparkling Rose. Next, take a black liner and line the entire crease on each eye. You'll be left with the ultimate 60's mod look that could rival Andy Warhol's muse herself.

We could go on and on with our favorite looks from the '60s. An era all about personal expression and breaking out of comfort zones, there's no lack of inspiration when we look back at history. And there is nothing wrong with bringing a little bit of peace and love into your personal style.