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, By Ash K

Our Fav 80’s Inspired Looks

Like so many others, we just finished binging the newest season of Stranger Things, and while we can't get "Running Up That Hill" out of our heads to save our lives, we're also on a complete 1980's nostalgia high.

There was nothing quite like the 1980's. Big hair, bright (and we mean bright) neon clothing and tacky patterns galore. The totally tubular decade came in hot, looked down its nose at the warm, earth tones of the 1970's and essentially said "we're here to really shake things up".

And while the clothes were one thing– the windbreakers, the shoulder pads, the leg warmers! – one of the most expressive trends of the 80's was, of course, the makeup. The bold and bright theme carried throughout the entire decade, and we saw the popularity of many household names in the cosmetic industry rise.

While the 80's makeup trends had their ups and downs (yes, you can wear too much blush), there are some we will forever love and might even dare label 'classic'. And if you're feeling as inspired as we are, these looks are easy to create with Meloway products.

Bitchin' Brows

Thick, natural brows are all the rage these days, and you can thank the 80's for that. Au natural, grown-in eyebrows were the look for most of the era, and just like with perms, the bigger the better. A few swipes of your favorite shade in our brow gel will help you achieve that overgrown look, defining your face and making your eyes pop at the same time.

Legit Liner

Listen, by now it's no secret we love any and all liner looks. That's why we are fairly certain we would've thrived in the 1980's. The 80's approach to black eyeliner or "raccoon eyes" (we're okay with leaving this term in the past) seemed to be the heavier, the better. Think glam rock to the extreme. To emulate this look, we suggest a healthy dose of our super black gel liner or our liquid eyeliner + remover – or a mix of both! – on your upper and lower lash lines. Gnarly!

Big Time Brights

Nothing says 80's quite like bright colors. While the neon clothes were almost blinding, the iconic look didn't stop there. Bright purple, pink, green and blue tones coated the eyelids of 80's it girls– from lash line to brow (it's clear by now that maximalism flourished in this decade). Sure, it's excessive, but with some minor tweaking this shadow look can be pulled off today. Coat your lids with a very healthy dose of Meloliner in Emerald Shimmer and blend up to the brow bone with some Sparkling Rosé. Finish off the look with our lash primer and Mint Crème mascara. Now that's a statement look we love.

Moral of the story? The 80's were the epitome of fun and complete self-expression. And while we're, like, totally okay leaving shoulder pads and spiral curl perms in the past, some looks are too good to let go.