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, By Ash K

Not Just Skin Deep

Here’s a look at why makeup is more than superficial

Fact: The global beauty industry’s value is currently a whopping $262.21B USD, with a projected annual growth rate of 4.2% within the next decade. That’s a whole lot of people taking a stand for the value the beauty industry brings to their lives. And it’s not a one-size fits all situation. There are a lot of reasons that we buy beauty and personal care products, from the fun to the deeply meaningful. While critics say that beauty is all about the superficial, we beg to disagree. There are some seriously awesome benefits gained by the relatively small investment. It’s why we created Meloway – to give people the tools to express themselves, to have a voice, and to stand in their authentic selves. Here’s what on our list of what makes beauty brilliant.

Because You Want to Rock It. Admit it. When you look in the mirror you want to love the person who’s looking back at you. We want to be our personal-best brand of attractive and that doesn’t have to be in line with societal norms. Embrace makeup for yourself, to get to your sexiest, boldest, most intelligent, sassiest (whatever adjective is what you’re serving up) version of you.

You, too, can look like this! We’ve all seen that advertisement, influencer, or actor in a film or television, where we go “that’s the look I want”. And it’s not all about imitation. We’re seeing something that sparks an idea of what our truth is, and we know that by embodying it, we’re a notch closer to living as our full selves. Gorgeous, flawless models? We love them too, but grab our lipstick, mascara, or eyeliner, and make their look all your own.

It's almost like being a kid again. Playing with makeup is reminiscent of a big box of crayons and a coloring book…. except now your face is the canvas. The fantastic thing about makeup is that the world has changed, and the rigid rules don’t apply anymore. Want to take your eyeliner and go way outside the lid line? Go for it! Love our lipstick so much you’re grooving on it as a blush too? It’s fair game. Your life, your rules.

Change it up. Makeup products are the closest you can get to being a chameleon for a reasonable cost. It’s certainly less expensive than purchasing a whole new wardrobe or swapping your SUV for a sportscar. And let’s face it. We might be one person, but we’re a whole lot of moods and ideas rolled up into that. Makeup gives us the opportunity to explore all our different sides Land on one, keep changing it up, or meet somewhere in the middle.

Give yourself a confidence boost. Looking good helps you feel good about yourself. And feeling good? Well, that’s a jolt of confidence we all need. Unless you’re living in total seclusion (hey the pandemic is over!) you interact with others, frequently or infrequently, whether it be at the trendy gym, your favorite wine bar, or the hottest new restaurant in town. With makeup in your arsenal, you know that you’re going to make one genius first impression and smile about it after.

While cultural standards of beauty change and evolve, the way we feel about ourselves, and the strength to be authentic, is timeless. Our outward expression is intricately woven through our deepest truths and the joy we experience when we share that with the world.

Which makes beauty more than skin deep. It makes it intensely personal, deliciously creative, and a tool that allows us to present not only the best version of our physical selves but also that of everything that we are.