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, By Ash K

Meloway goes multi-national, entering the Indian market

In line with our long-term strategy and mission to make our unique makeup products available to everyone to enable their individual expression through beauty, Meloway is expanding its reach across cultures and borders to India, introducing our makeup line through a collaboration with Nykaa.

Nykaa is a woman-founded and owned e-commerce company headquartered in Mumbai. The company’s vision aligns with our belief that makeup serves many purposes, including personal joy and enhanced confidence, or in Nykaa’s words,

“…products…that delight and elevate the human spirit.”

Compared to the US, where the beauty industry generated $88.47M in revenue in 2022, India’s market is approximately four times smaller, with 26.24M USD generated in revenue for the same period. India’s market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6.25%, fueled by the increased adoption of Western culture, the emerging prevalence of women in the workforce, and the appeal of the younger generation’s aesthetic that includes embracing more color in makeup products. Our collaboration with Nykaa will allow us to reach this rapidly growing and diverse beauty-intrigued audience and help them celebrate beauty as a way to explore.

We’re excited to fill product gaps in this burgeoning market, such as product accessibility. We thrive on challenges and in developing revolutionary ideas to overcome them. Some of our unique designs that allow people with disabilities to reap the benefits and joy of makeup through easy application include our Hi-Rise Matte Lipstick with its capless container, configured for one-handed use, our eyeliner/eraser combo (Your Way Eyeliner + Remover) that eliminates the frustration of mishaps by making cleanup a breeze, and Your Way Mascara that has a bendable wand for stress-free application.

With diversity and inclusivity making up the very fabric of our business, we look forward to innovating thoughtful and carefully considered products to fill those voids such as makeup shades that complement a broad array of skin tones and eye colors.

We’re very excited to be a part of this adventurous journey alongside so many other prestigious brands, identifying and addressing consumer needs and preferences with products that represent what we stand for - diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility.