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, By Ash K

Meet our Hi-Rise™ Lipstick

The revolutionary, nourishing matte lipstick that gives you the perfect color swipe

We’ve been keeping it under wraps (minus a tease here and there), but the time for the big unveil is finally here. For the past two years, we’ve been developing a luxurious matte lipstick that is full of lip-loving ingredients. Get ready to meet our Hi-Rise™ Lipstick – the product that is going to change your game.

Sixteen shades that suit you.

Color is a tricky proposition. There needs to be enough to fit your skin tone, overall look, mood, and personality, but too many colors and it causes your brain to seize up. The sweet spot for us was 16 shades. They include bold and provocative reds, pretty and popping pinks, neutral almost-there nudes, and richly deep browns and burgundies.

Lip nourishing ingredients that give you the perfect pout.

Like our eye and brow products, one of our foundations of our Hi-Rise™ Lipstick is the ingredient profile. We wanted to make sure that brilliant color came with soft, moisture-rich lips and all day wearability. The three hero ingredients (other than the colors, of course) are Maxi-Lip™, a peptide that stimulates collagen synthesis and give you sexy pillowy lips, Ultra Filling Spheres™, which deeply hydrates the lips on all levels, and shea butter, a nutrient rich moisturizer that is lightweight for the perfect glide.

High-octane componentry.

You already know we love our componentry (we’re talking about you, bendable mascara wand). We are obsessed with making products that simplify your life. And for the Hi-Rise™ Lipstick, we went a lot further by saying “forget about this cap nonsense”. It’s important that our products work for everyone, so we made it capless. That means a one-handed application from twist up to lip swipe. That means it’s perfect for everyone from differently abled people to the person that wants to selfie and swipe at the same time.

All the good, none of the bad.

Like the rest of our line, the Hi-Rise™ Lipstick is vegan and paraben-free. With lipstick, it becomes more of an obstacle to creating a clean product, but we were more than up to the challenge. We know what you’ve come to expect from us, and we’re committed to delivering.

Your individuality is what matters in the end.

When we were naming the individual shades, we wanted to infuse them with as much personality as you have. And we started envisioning the person who would gravitate to a specific color. It was a beautiful reminder about why we started Meloway Makeup – to give people the tools to express their individuality in a fun, easy, and gorgeous way.

We can’t wait to see how you’re going to work with our lipsticks to get looks that are wholly you. You’re the reason that we created Meloway and our daily inspiration. So give us a shout out on @melowaymakeup to show us what magic you’re creating.

Shop It: Meloway Hi-Rise™ Lipstick in 16 matte shades available at melowaymakeup.com for $25. Perfect color, hydrating formula and capless componentry come together to give you the lipstick you’re craving.