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, By Ash K

Match Your Mascara to Your Mood

If you've been thinking black is your only option, it's time to shake things up.

Makeup is fun. Whether it's getting a face palette to balance perfectly, a bold lip that stands out and makes a statement, or an eyeshadow that creates that "look", there are tons of ways to be creative with makeup. Mascara, though, is often the forgotten stepchild of the cosmetics world. We're so conditioned to think that mascara is strictly for making our lashes look better, that we've forgotten we can get playful it, just like any other makeup product in our kit. To bring the fun back into mascara, we are starting the mascara color challenge. While black mascara will always be a staple, it's time for black to be one of the colors in our arsenal. So, look at your week ahead, and change your mascara look up. Here's a look at the whys and moods of different mascara colors.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Classic Black

Whether you're going to a holiday party, meeting your significant other's folks for the first time, or bopping about on a shopping spree, black mascara always has you covered. It's timeless, classic, and adds the right amount of drama without being overbearing. If you're in a no frills, but still want to wow headspace, then grab the perfect black mascara. Go with Meloway's Super Black Mascara for glamourous perfection. Perfect cocktail pairing: dirty gin martini.

Burgundy Gives Subtle a Whole New Meaning

If you want to fly under the radar, but still leave people wondering what you did to get your lashes so lit, then try a brown or burgundy mascara. It's gives you that makeup-free look, but so much better. If you're feeling a bit earth tones and neutrals, it's also the perfect match for your wardrobe. And people with light eyes, this one's for you – a brown mascara is extra stunning on your lashes. Meloway's Cherry Cola gives you the understated look that still wows. Perfect cocktail pairing: a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Go Navy to Brighten the Eyes and Add a Mysterious Flair

A luxurious deep blue mascara is the perfect way to brighten the whites of your eyes and make your irises sparkle. While navy is close to black, it's got enough of a color pop to make people do a double take. If you're feel like bringing a soft focus to the lashes that gives you an added dose of confidence and has your audience do a double take (in a good way), then embrace navy. Meloway's Blue Jeans is also about an elegant note with a medium simmer of provocative. Perfect cocktail pairing: Black Russian.

Green Gives Your Lashes a Sultry Color Wash

Emerald is another jewel tone that is perfect for those times you're feeling playfully rebellious with a dash of sultry. After all, this shade of green is one of those colors that can't help but bring out your inner flirt. Swap out your mascara for the emerald variety when you aren't afraid being the center of attention. Meloway's Emerald Envy will make your day a lot more adventurous and have people whispering about how delicious you look. Perfect cocktail pairing: A shot of tequila.

Pink Is All About Making Your Own Rules

Swap out your mascara for the pink variety when you want to break conventions and push the boundaries of your comfort zone. It's not everyday that you see pink lashes; it's almost as unique as you. If you're ready to breeze into that concert, nightclub, or (gasp) dinner party, breaking all the rules, then pink is the way to go. Meloway's Ready Set Primer is a tinted primer so you can get that pink lash tint when you're feeling like an iconoclast or use it as a base for gorgeous lashes when you're not. Perfect cocktail pairing: Manhattan up with a twist.

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