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, By Ash K

Makeup – Therapy in a Tube, Wand, or Pencil

Check out how makeup can be the ultimate in self-care giving you the mood boost you need

Our love affair with beauty products is born from a mix of personal emotions and the practical benefits of incorporating them into our daily routine. We’ve talked about many of those paybacks, i.e., the advantages of looking good and feeling good about ourselves, and how that contributes to a sense of self-worth. The polished look that makeup gives us increased the confidence others have in. We come across as polished, on top of our game, and functional humans. And in boosting our self-confidence, it means bolder choices in all aspects of our lives.

However, there is another role that makeup plays, one that contributes to our emotional well-being. The use of beauty products, and especially makeup, can take us from depressed to happy on a difficult day and give us some much-needed TLC during periods of stress. Even just one product can accomplish that. Lipstick, anyone? Self-soothing is a real thing, and it has been shown that self-soothing skills gives our mental health a major lift. We can all relate to a crazy work week, a relationship that’s gone off the rails, or that in-law that won’t get in check. Makeup is a great self-soothing choice up there with listening to your favorite tunes and having an indulgent staycation. And it’s a lot fewer calories than cracking open that container of ice cream or downing ten margaritas.

That one new beauty buy, no matter how small, can bring us back to our happy place, free of scary news feeds, grumpy bosses, and neighbors that won’t turn their music down. You get to play around with different colors and looks that put you in whole new headspace. Makeup is all about getting your vibe on, so why not make the vibe all kinds of happy.

So sprint on over to melowaymakeup.com, where you can check out all the fun possibilities, scout out some new makeup heroes, and snag some cool ideas from our assortment of eye and lip products.

And if you can’t afford or don’t want to invest in new makeup products, think about recycling and repurposing some of those previously acquired goodies. That lipstick with the lovely creamy texture? Try it as a blush or as a subtle eye shadow. Bored with last season’s color palette? Mix some of the colors together that are already in your collection…who knows, maybe you’ll start next season’s color trend!

Take a few deep breaths, enjoy the healing journey to calm your soul, and cast those blues away. You just might uncover a whole new you during the process as you leverage your freedom to explore and express whoever you are or want to be, either for just this single block of time or forever. It’s one of your many choices.