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, By Ash K

Introducing: Meloliner

The days are getting longer and we are breathing a massive sigh of relief that spring is on the horizon. Aside from the fact that we felt some heavy effects from Daylight Savings this year (how a one hour jump ahead can leave us feeling like we just returned from a trip to Europe, we'll never understand) there is a plethora of upbeat energy in the air at Meloway.

As we roll over into Spring, the team is ready to launch our newest innovation.

This month, we're upping our liner game by introducing an entire line of pigmented, photo-ready gel eyeliners. Our new Meloliner is a waterproof gel eyeliner housed in a retractable pencil-like component, making application a breeze with no need for an angled brush. Additionally, for hard-to-reach areas, such as the lower lash line, Meloliner includes a built-in sharpener to create a precise point. We receive so much love on our Liner + Remover, so when we started chatting about what was to come next, this route was a no brainer.

Available in six shades, from the classic Super Black to the statement-making Emerald Shimmer and Midnight Navy, each liner has been crafted to elevate your look. Formulated specifically to be long lasting, it will deliver all day, and continue to deliver all night.

When we were brainstorming shades and deciding what we wanted to achieve with the new line, it was incredibly important that we offer a variety of colors that can stand alone and build off each other. Mix the deep brown hue of Milk Chocolate with the subtle sheen of Champagne Gold, for example, for an incredible warm and sunny look. Or, for a simple glow, line your lower lash line with Sparkling Rosé and call it a day.

Each of the six shades can be used any time of day. We made sure each color is able to make the transition from subtle to daring with just a few extra swipes. Being advocates of curated make-up collections in which every product is usable on the daily is a big deal at Meloway, and we kept that mindset during the Meloliner creation process.

It's safe to say we've been busy, and– spoiler alert– there are even more things to come in 2022. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for the official launch of Meloliner in April!

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