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, By Ash K

How to Choose the Best Nude Matte Lipsticks

We're all about matte lipsticks this season. It's why we launched our new capless Hi-Rise Lipstick. It's got the perfect amount of color, and is long-lasting and super hydrating. The capless one-handed twist means you're always selfie-supported and never digging through your bag for a missing cap. And we LOVE the understated look (we're talking about you Cherry Cola mascara). That's why this month we're putting the spotlight on nude lipsticks.

What makes a nude matte lipstick nude?

Nude matte lipstick comes down to two things. Color and finish. First, nude lipstick is all about the color being close to skin tone, with shade ranges from rosy pink to darker browns. Don't let the word nude fool you though - the color can still be highly pigmented. Second, the matte finish. While we love a satin finish or even a high shine lip (we're not lip gloss averse), our go to for the season is matte lipstick.

Choosing a nude lipstick color

When you want to choose a nude lipstick, start with your skin . From pale beige to deep brown, these matte lipsticks come in a variety of rich colors. Fair skin? Go with shades that have pink or peach undertones. If you are in the medium skin tone range, choose options with warmer undertones, such as caramel or honey. And if you have brown skin or darker skin tones, go with brown or ruddy shades (think a chocolate or mocha undertone). When you find the perfect nude lipstick, it will be a no makeup makeup look is a little bit subtle with a lot of sexy.

Formula matters

Once you've sorted out skin tone, think about the lipstick formula. Matte lipstick can be drying (and no thank you to that). You want a lipstick that is lip friendly and nourishing. Look for ingredients like shea butter, and unique actives that nurture and hydrate lips. You always want a product that has long-lasting wear that can handle eating, drinking, and the occasional lip licking flirtation. Finally, go with a product that is lightweight, with a barely there feeling.

Meet the Hi-Rise Matte Nude Lipsticks

We can't stop talking about our Hi-Rise Lipstick. It's deliciously hydrating, flawlessly matte and gives that perfect focus of gorgeous, rich color. And key ingredients? From shea butter to natural peptides, dry is a thing of the past. It's all about smooth application. And it's vegan with zero parabens and zero mineral oil.

Our favorite nude lipstick shades

  1. 1.

    Summer Solstice

    This warm nude gives the right touch of soft color for those beachy days or warm nights where your vibe is ultra chill.

  2. 2.

    Iced Cappuccino

    If you want to go cool and a little aloof, this is pure perfection. Whether it's hitting the latest spot on the art scene, or that hot new club, you will be serving up icy realness.

  3. 3.

    Naked Peach

    Without question the perfect pink nude lipstick. A little bit sheer, a lot velvety, and ultra light wear. Go with this makeup essential - c'mon it suits you.

  4. 4.

    Dark Rum Hurricane

    For darker skin tones, this is the nude for you. A warm brown red that is both deeply rich and super sexy, you will be the pout of the party.

Swipe natural

Play around with your nude shades. They're versatile, allowing you to create multiple looks, with enough of a hint of color for total kiss-ready lips.