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, By Ash K

How Generation Z Is Redefining the World

The generation has come of age and they’re ready to make their mark

42% of TikTok’s user base is between the ages of 18-24, making it a Gen Z stronghold. But TikTok has exploded beyond its original demographic, showing us that this is a generation whose interests are catching on like wildfire. Many researchers look at Gen Z as the most influential generation alive today. Their ideas at times upend social norms, making us wonder why we hadn’t questioned the status quo before them. Both Aiden and I are millennials, but we took a major dash of inspiration from Gen Z, especially their proclivity to want to make things better, more egalitarian, and a celebration of individuality. Because we’re always looking ahead, we’ve been deep into our research for what’s trending with this generation in 2023. Here’s a macrocosmic view of what you can expect (and jump on board with) in the coming year.

Natural eye makeup with splashes of individuality.

A third of Gen Z has seriously toned down their everyday wear, with mascara, concealer, and blush serving as their daily products. A year or more at home certainly influenced makeup but Gen Z has carried the natural look forward, adding color touches from mascara and lipstick to showcase their personal style. Five makeup trends that Gen Z is currently embracing are ‘90s makeup (Friends never went out of style), faux freckles (hey, even if they’re faux, they still add a natural freshness), cream blush (stay tuned!), siren eyes (grab Your Way Eyeliner + Remover to perfect this TikTok trend), and organic skincare.

Activism not just in speech but in action.

Gen Z is passionate about fixing the problems in the world and leaving it a better place. Climate change is at the forefront of their minds, with many people planning on making their own clothes to reduce landfill usage. This sustainable reaction to fast fashion is one part of Gen Z’s commitment to taking personal accountability for the climate crisis. Other causes Gen Z is passionate about include disability rights, mental health, and gender and race equity.

Saying goodbye to the forty-hour work week.

Henry Ford popularized the idea of the 40-hour work week in 1926 before it became US law in 1940. But Gen Z is challenging the idea that we need to spend so much of our time working. Instead, they are working with companies to create alternatives, including asynchronous work, flexible schedules, and remote or hybrid situations. 4 Day Global, one example of this trend, recently released a study that supports moving to a 32-hour work week and Gen Z is all in.

Embracing being citizens of the world.

Zoomers in the US are interested in the world far beyond their borders. They listen to non-English music (with K-Pop and Latin music ranking high on their playlists), and are obsessed with cuisines like Vietnamese, Japanese, and Indian. TikTok and Instagram have played a major role, with social media serving as a key platform of discovery.

Deconstructing the Gender Binary.

The sharp delineation between male and female is becoming less rigid thanks to Gen Z. Zoomers have been challenging gender roles both in outward appearance through fashion and makeup, and through social media conversations and activism. A recent Gallup poll shows that over 20 percent of Gen Z identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community, which includes transgender and non-binary people, pioneers in upending socially constructed gender roles.