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, By Ash K

Get Ready to Serve Up Some Color Realness

Four totally awesome color pairings to give you major makeup vibes this summer

It’s no secret we’re obsessed with color. When we were developing Meloway color was right up there with making our products easy and accessible. And why shouldn’t it be? Through makeup, color helps us tell the story of our personality, allowing us to share our narrative, and give people a glimpse of who we are. Sometimes we’re feeling subtle, sometimes we’re feeling a whole lot of bold, but our makeup is always there to give us a platform.

While we are all about you using our products any way you want, sometimes we can’t help ourselves and want to share the looks we’re currently vibing with. Here’s a look at our four summer sizzling pairings that bring your eyes into focus and your lips into the perfect pout. And we want to hear what you’re grooving on too, so head on over to our Instagram and show us what you’ve got.

  1. 1.

    Feeling all kinds of mellow.

    We knew when we created our Cherry Cola mascara that it was a gamechanger, but even we were surprised by how much love it’s getting. That combination of getting the natural no-makeup makeup look with how brilliantly it pairs with baby blues and gorgeous greens, has been getting hearts since launch. For the perfect pair up with Cherry Cola, our selection is Blushin’ Bitch (and not just because that name is hot). Blushin’ Bitch is that perfect shade of pink that’s almost not there but definitely making a statement. With these two together, you might almost fly under the radar if you didn’t look so sexy.

  2. 2.

    Totally classic, ultra chic.

    Nothing makes a statement like classic black and red. And our Super Black mascara gives a whole new meaning to the word black. It’s bold, mysterious, and a bit moody, without compromising any of its classic power. Pair it up with our Sleeping Beauty lipstick, which pops with a cool red that is perfectly kissable with just the right amount of edge. Think of it like Snow White if the eventual princess was the one doing the saving. Super confident, ultra powerful and all eyes turning to you.

  3. 3.

    Get ready to get deep.

    We were pumped when we launched our two new mascara colors, because we kept hearing how people wanted some fun, sexy alternatives to black. Our Emerald Envy mascara is just that. It’s rich, opulent, but not blatant. Someone might not even realize why they’re so captivated as you flutter those lashes. To keep the elegance going, pair it with Brown Eyed Girl, a gorgeously saturated color that is all kinds of high brow without being haughty. So subtly tuck your hair behind your ears, demurely bat your eyes, and let your lips curl up into the tiniest of smiles.

  4. 4.

    The blues never felt so good.

    Our other new addition to the mascara line-up is Blue Jeans, and we are full-on obsessed. Sure, it brightens the whites of the eyes which is awesome (in case you had one shot too many the night before), but what we’re really into is how extra we feel wearing it. It’s that combo of ice queen who will melt your heart. To add a whole lot of fun into the mix, pair your Blue Jeans with Pink Lotus lipstick. Pink Lotus turns color pop on its head, by making it a serious statement while keeping it real. This mash-up is great for everything - poolside flirtation, a first date that you’re going to rule, or a night out that turns into morning.