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, By Ash K

Create Your Best Brows

When deciding how to best define and enhance brows, start with color and density. Match the natural color of the brows themselves, but if hair is colored, then match to the shade of the root growth. If eyebrows have areas with little or no growth, start with a pencil to really fill and connect those areas to the line of the brow and then select a matching brow gel to build density, depth and to groom.

We always prefer to use tinted brow gels, rather than pencils or powders because you are building up and enhancing the natural shape and tone rather than constructing an entirely different, overly perfect brow-line, which always looks costume-y and unnatural. The gel also holds and maintains unrulier hairs and does not clog growth-producing follicles with the waxes of long wearing pencils.

Cleansing the brow area once a week with a mild physical scrub keeps follicles open and a little castor oil applied a few nights a week really does activate improved growth, color, and density. A professional shaping, preferably tweezing and trimming will make using a tinted gel effortless. We always blot the excess of the wand on a tissue, start at the inner corners and work outward and simply wiping away anything that dips below or above the line.

If you find inspiration for your own brows on social media and the influencer in question also has visible contouring, copious highlighting and/or blindingly white teeth, take a look at older photos of Brooke Shields.

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