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, By Ash K

Color-Trend Savvy on a Budget

Ah, the excitement and anticipation of each season’s new trends, whether it be fashion, makeup, hairstyles, or colors. Every year, one or more of these trends change with both the season and the calendar, and 2024 is no exception. Not only are these frequent style shifts challenging to keep on top of from a closet-space perspective, but from your budget as well.

This year’s hot new colors that will be seen in everything from clothing to makeup and accessories include cobalt blue paired with grey, black, or watercress and oxblood teamed with pinkish orange, lime green, or pale yellow. All gorgeous, of-the-moment, and irresistible.

To see these colors in action, visit https://www.whowhatwear.com/fashion-color-trends-2024.

Meloway Makeup is here to help you remain fashion-forward with fun, cost-efficient, and luxurious clean makeup products that will enhance whatever look you’re serving up. Take it up a notch by exploring the best makeup shades to parallel these gorgeous new hues.

Check out Your Way Mascara with its bendable wand in the Blue Jeans (yep it sure does make the white of your eyes whiter) or Emerald Envy shades. Both will make your eyes stand out and complement your cobalt blue fashion choices without competing with them. They both have just the right amount of pigment to gorgeously accentuate lashes. Think simple elegance meets deep richness.

If you’ve chosen to update your look with oxblood, Cherry Cola may just be the ticket to creating a companion eye look to accompany the richness of this compelling color. Cherry Cola is the perfect match for light hair and eyes and gives you the no-makeup makeup look for understated perfection. We love our classic black as much as anyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up.

Equally important is the shade of lipstick you choose. Our innovative, capless High-Rise Matte Lipstick comes in eight creamy, hydrating shades, all of which deliciously complement oxblood. Two of our favorites are Summer Sangria and Berry Cool. These richly saturated lipsticks call attention to your gorgeous pout while deeply hydrating all day long.

Speaking of fashion choices, here are some suggestions to keep your wardrobe up to date without blowing your budget or sacrificing impact:


  • Scarves can work miracles, so if you have one piece of clothing in either of these trending colors, find a scarf in a complementary shade or print and tie it on.
  • Tops, such as Jackets, sweaters, and tee shirts, can also serve as a low-cost investment in staying fashion-current, and since this is a new color trend, the shelves should be stacked with lots of pieces in all the hero shades.
  • Belts and jewelry are another winning option. Add a cobalt blue belt to your favorite LBD, or accessorize with a clutch, earrings, or other jewelry in any of these trending tones.

And, not to be self-promoting, but we are a makeup company after all, so for a totally polished look once you’ve decided which trends to follow, check out our knockout color-compatible options at https://melowaymakeup.com/. Move over clothing and accessories, this is where Meloway Makeup takes the spotlight!