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, By Ash K

Beauty Industry Disruptor

Get to know why we are all about disrupting the beauty space

If we had one rule it might be that rules are made to be broken when they don’t serve a purpose or when they’re steeped in the past rather than the future. At Meloway, we believe that the only way to create lasting change is to challenge the status quo and sometimes completely upend it.

The beauty industry has long been a culture of (one might say) contracted focus, prioritizing, and promoting youth, beauty, and unrealistic body images, leaving many consumers ignored, marginalized, and left out in the cold. Still, things are changing for the better thanks to more determined and insightful industry leaders who are determined to shake things up and break down the exclusionary barriers and rules.

It’s this desire for change that fuels us. To deliver brilliant products that change the way we look at beauty and give all consumers the tools to celebrate themselves. It was our passion for clean beauty, inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity that led us to make the bold move of starting a new beauty brand in 2018 against all odds and with just one product.

In an industry that’s comprised of only a handful of male-owned brands, we (in case you weren’t paying attention, we’re boys and brothers) launched Meloway Makeup with a single mascara that has a novel bendable wand to allow ease of application for all consumers, including those with physical upper extremity challenges. We made this mascara available in a variety of colors and made real our vision of diversity and inclusivity by learning from, celebrating, and bringing to the forefront people of all races, ethnicities, and genders in our marketing campaigns.

The subsequent two additions to the line were conceived and produced to further the goal of enabling all consumers to look and feel their best. Our second product that joined the product family, a liquid eyeliner, has an eraser at the opposite end of the applicator to allow for easy cleanup, a welcome innovation for consumers who have trouble when precise application is required (shout out to everyone who ends up with liner everywhere but where it needs to be). The third and most recent addition is a rich, hydrating, matte, capless lipstick that facilitates one-handed use, created for people with upper extremity disabilities, the older segment of the population who may have other physical challenges, and users who are forever losing the lipstick cap.

Meloway’s philosophy is that beauty should be easy and fun for everyone, with products that are ethically produced. That’s why our products are vegan and 100% cruelty-free while never skimping on everything you need and should get when it comes to comfort, durability, and serious gorgeousness. We are determined to help you be the very best version of yourself.

There are still many more rules to break, and we’re looking forward to doing just that to earn the distinction of being the leading industry disruptor. We won’t stop until everyone who takes pride in their appearance, enjoys beauty products, and wants to go on the adventure of self-discovery will be able to do so, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, or physical abilities. We’ll continue to originate products with superior production standards, are easy to use, and appeal to the full spectrum of consumers. We’ll keep stretching and redefining the current boundaries until bias, disregard, and exclusion are permanently eradicated. Disruptive? Breaking the rules? Hell yeah.